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So I tried ZzzQuil last night, I had work this morning and after three days of no sleep I knew I had to take something or I wouldn't be able to sleep (I have horrible insomnia).  I was kind of iffy about it from the start because I personally make a point of not taking anything that might be habit forming or addictive, but I decided I might as well sleep a few hours before work.  I took it at around ten thirty and was kinda sitting there wondering when it was going to kick in if it was going to work at all.  So I'm laying there is it going to work?  Is it going to work?  I'm still wide awake...Looking at the clock staring at the ceiling then BAM! I knock out cold.  Down side is that I slept so deeply and so soundly that I didn't move all night and had a wicked kink in my neck and shoulders this morning- I couldn't seem to wake up either which meant I had to down at least three cups of coffee before I was even remotely capable of thought.  I didn't have school though so after work I came home and knocked out again to sleep it off, still bloody tired here though.

On another note I watched a movie with my sis yesterday- and today actually...We watched the Lorax today it was my first time seeing it, it was pretty darn cuteIt actually made me want to plant a tree...I also had a a question, since we are in a technologically advanced world in which we use i-pads and netbooks etc for a majority of our conversations even at work, are we using less paper?  For example my youngest sis's school replaced all books with tablets and has most essays written via computer and sent via e-mail, very little paper is being used.  If we did this with all the schools  and perhaps all businesses can you imagine how much paper we would save?

 However, would the process of making tablets in the end cause more chemical waste?  And would the amount of ink saved from printers (which are being used less and less due to the use of tablets etc) make up for that chemical waste?

It's something I'm curious about- I'd like opinions or info please?

Aside from that I highly recommend watching the movie Equilibrium I enjoyed it greatly.

Here is the trailer if you're interested!


Anyway that's all for now folks!

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